Is Shrimp Bad For Gout?

Is Shrimp Bad For gout
Shrimp And Gout

Shrimp is a popular seafood, but they might not be the best choice for gout sufferers.

Whether you barbecue them, simmer them in garlic butter, or coat them in tempura batter and deep-fry them, shrimp can be a tasty treat.

Shrimp are packed with all sorts of health benefits. They are high in protein and low in fat, so they can help you maintain a healthy weight.

Shrimp also contains selenium, an essential mineral with antioxidant properties that helps fight inflammation.

But if you suffer from gout, it’s best to pass on the shellfish and choose something else the next time you’re headed to the seafood counter.


Because shrimp purines are sky high! Let me explain…

Shrimp And Gout

Gout is a form of arthritis caused by too much uric acid in the blood. Eating foods that are high in purines, such as shrimp, can increase your uric acid levels and make gout flareups more likely.

Purines are particularly high in organ meats, alcohol, fructose and shellfish type seafood – such as shrimp!

When your body breaks down shrimp purines, they turn into uric acid. Normally uric acid is filtered out of the body by the kidneys, but if too much is created it can crystallise, accumulate and cause painful inflammation in your joints.

Gout is on the rise. More than 8 million Americans suffer from the condition and the number keeps growing. In the UK, Gout is thought to affect around 1 in 40 people.

Experts put it down to the Western diet which is high in purines through processed foods, alcohol and refined sugars. Add to that a sedentary lifestyle and you have a double whammy.

  • In a study by the New England Journal of Medicine, it was found that the increased purine content in seafood such as shrimp can significantly elevate uric acid levels. The study involved over 45,000 men and concluded that those who ate seafood regularly had a 50% higher risk of developing gout.

The pain from gout can be unbearable. Red, swollen and tender joints are a tell-tale sign. Gout can also affect other joints. You can get gout in your hands and gout in your ankles. Even your wrist and elbow!

So you need to adapt your gout diet so you are eating low purine foods.


So if you have gout, it’s best to avoid shrimp and other high purine seafoods like anchovies or sardines.

So our Goutometer gives shrimp a lowly 3/10. Eat in moderation only!

I know it’s not what you want to hear but trust me, your joints will thank you! Gout is like having broken glass in your feet – it’s definitely not worth the risk.

It’s not all bad news though – there are plenty of other seafood varieties that are lower in purines like salmon and tilapia. So you can still enjoy seafood, just pick wisely and stay away from the shrimp.


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